martes, octubre 31, 2006

Mark Seibert : Take a Stand

In the heat of the night
While we'd hold each other tight
I could feel your love, our heartbeats racin'
And I'd look in your eyes and I'd see paradise
It's a dream I've been chasin' so long

But now your eyes are cold
And our love is old
How could things go so wrong, my heart is breakin'
And all our plans and dreams they don't mean anything
I don't want to think that it's over, but I can't take anymore

Gotta take a stand for my life tonight
Gotta think love over this time
Gotta take a stand for my life tonight before I lose mine

By the look in your eyes
I can tell our love has died
Wish I could mend our hearts, but I just keep tryin'
I want you back with me the way I know our love could be
But I know I'm lyin' to myself, and I can't take anymore

[CHORUS with minor variations] x 4